For the export of vehicles, export signs are issued at the road traffic offices in Zurich and Winterthur. They cannot be obtained from the testing centres in Regensdorf, Hinwil, Bülach or Bassersdorf.

The following documents must be submitted by the keeper:

  • Application form
  • Original vehicle registration document
  • Original driving licence
  • Original passport, identity card or alien’s identity card
  • Cash, Maestro or credit card

The transfer plates do not have to be returned at the end of their validity.

On request we can help you with the procurement.

The costs for the transfer plates and the heavy vehicle fee (Swiss toll) may vary depending on the vehicle. However, costs between €230 and €400 are to be expected.

Further information: Zurich road traffic office


An incorrectly declared export will result in you having to pay Switzerland’s statutory value-added tax. In case of doubt Motortrade can demand the legal value added tax to the extent of 7.7% of the goods value as a deposit. This will be refunded after receipt of the definitive assessment order of the Federal Customs Administration.

We can declare your truck for export and transfer to the country of destination at customs and organize the export. When you buy a vehicle, we provide this service free of charge.


In order for a vehicle to be granted preferential treatment (duty-free or reduced duty) when imported into the country of destination, the proof of origin provided for in the corresponding free trade agreement is required. Proofs of origin are deemed to be the movement certificate EUR.1 or EUR-MED or EUR.1 CN (hereinafter referred to as WVB) or the declaration of origin on the invoice or declaration of origin on the invoice EUR-MED. These movement certificates are only relevant for members of the European Union. Third countries are not affected.

Trucktrade can issue the EUR.1 movement certificate for you, or authorise your forwarding agent to do so.

Further information:


You need a T1 document for proper customs clearance in the European Union. We issue this document only against a deposit of 19% of the value of the goods. After successful deletion of the T1 document upon leaving the European Union or upon reaching the destination country, we will refund the full deposit.

T1 – Documents are issued only against a deposit of 19% of the value of the goods. The deposit will only be refunded after deletion of the T1 document.


Late arrival at customs can be uncomfortable and can result in additional costs. We recommend to plan enough time. If you want to depart first the following day, we recommend the following hotels nearby:

Holiday Inn Express Zurich Airport: Hotel Holiday Inn Express Zurich

B&B Hotel Zürich Airport Rümlang: B&B Hotel Zurich Airport